Musical Tribute to Don Kavanagh

 Musical Tribute To Don Kavanagh

Featuring:  Dennis Alexander, Greg T. Brown, Frank Cassidy, Patricia Cassidy, Ian Clark, Nathan Curry, Charles DeLint, Don Fletcher, Alan Francoeur, Mareitta Frazer, Mary Ann Harris, Chuck Hart, Gerry Larkin, John Linehan, Pat Maher, Gord Manuel, Dan McHale, Donna McHale, Don McVeigh, Linda Miller, Rosario Ruane, James Stephens, Peter Taylor, Bobby Watt.

 Addmission: Donation to The Kisumba Foundation, Uganda

7:00 pm    Tuesday 21st February, 2017

The region lost one of it’s most talented musicians when Don passed away at Christmas. His friends have organized a very special concert of Irish music as a tribute to Don and as a fundraiser for the charity “The Kisumba Foundation” that was very dear to Don.

If you like Irish music, you’ll feel at home there.  If you like good music, you’re in for a treat.  If you liked Don, you’ll be among friends.


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