Kitchen Orkestra


“Kitchen Orkestra’s unique instrumentation pairs with inspired performers to deliver sizzling, diverse expressions of world folk music that makes for a lovely and lively audience experience.”


 This quirky Canadian folk quartet is an exciting and unique presence on today’s folk & world music scene.Their unique instrumentation of fiddle, vocals, mandolin, upright bass, cajon and percussion allows them to dip into many styles across the sonic and cultural spectrum. Be it spicy balkan grooves, cookin’ celtic tunes, or fresh original music, Kitchen Orkestra’s music is full of and groove, surprises, and variety. Their repertoire is diverse, and yet possesses an incredibly strong through-line of a raw danceability, emotional expression, and sincere storytelling. For fans of folk sounds and world music, Kitchen Orkestra offers a unique blend of textures rolled into a lively show of vocal and instrumental pieces. Each member is a tasteful and talented musician (or sonic cook in the kitchen, if you will!) and together, form Kitchen Orkestra. This band creates an entertaining and musically satisfying experience for audiences, offerring shows that often teeter on interactive (yes, you can dance!)

Kitchen Orkestra is:
Hayley Ryerson- Violin, Vocals
Graham Mansfield- Mandolin
Felix Mills- Percussion
George Chenery- Upright Bass

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