Joni Mitchell Birthday Bash: an Encore Concert on her 75th

Wednesday 7th November 2018
TIME: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Tickets: $20 -$25


Bear & Co. invites you to join them as they celebrate Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday with a concert version of their new show, 
This Flight Tonight: Songs of Joni Mitchell.
Skate away with four singers as they celebrate the soaring vocals, incisive vision, humour, wit, and bracing singularity of this uncompromising artist, whose painter’s hand is ever-present in her music. Passing around a dozen different instruments, Pierre Brault, Rachel Eugster, Robin Guy, and Scott Richardson soar over Mitchell’s sensuous landscape. This Fight Tonight: Songs of Joni Mitchell carries you from her pencil sketch of the joys of early “Chelsea Morning” to her passionate “Blue” heart. And at select moments, you’ll even be invited to sing along!
This is how the show, an early hit in The Gladstone Theatre’s Tenth Anniversary Season, was greeted during its October run:
“As unCanadian as it may seem, I have to admit to not knowing a lot about Joni Mitchell and quite frankly felt that I wasn’t missing out on much. I was wrong, so completely wrong. . . . after going to see This Flight Tonight, Songs of Joni Mitchell at the Gladstone, I am a convert .. . .Joni Mitchell fans will love the show . . . if you are looking for an introduction to her music, look no further.” –Jennifer Hartley, Ottawa Life Magazine
“So impressed by the performers: this was a much more demanding show musically than the Leonard Cohen show. And it was a revelation to hear so many songs I wasn’t familiar with. I went in not being much of a Joni fan; I am one now. “ –David M.
“Wonderful show this evening! Joni’s songs are so complex and they were beautifully done, so much fun singing along. Well done!” –Judy B.
Help us celebrate Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday, and join us to honour the Canadian genius whom Rolling Stone hails as “one of the greatest poets in 20th-century music—a visionary talent of achingly candid lyrics, fleet guitar lines and stirringly elegant vocals.” Gaze up with us at the Prairie sky as Joni Mitchell’s blaze of creative brilliance warms our hearts.

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